1861 IHC Pattern Judd 274

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by coyndevil36, Jun 29, 2022.

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    Probably not. Regular 1861 IHCs were copper-nickel with nickel being 12%. Copper has a sp.gr. of 8.8-9.0 g/cc and nickel has a sp. gr. of 8.9 g/cc … essentially the same.

    However, there are enough jewelers, coin dealers and bullion dealers that have handheld x-ray fluorescence spectrometers that it would be a whole lot more certain and easier to take the coin to one of them. If the coin has nickel in it, it’s not pure copper.

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    PCGS can test the alloy. If your cent is what you say it is, it's worth the effort and cost to have it tested. If it's not, then you would know that also. I recently picked up an 1864 J-356a pattern Indian cent. This coin has 5% silver content. From what I know it's one of two known. There is no way to tell the alloy without being tested with modern equipment. My coin was tested and confirmed by PCGS. I'm attaching pictures of my 1864 J-356a. You can't tell what its alloy is without being tested. The J-356a were struck with different alloys. The pattern is listed in Richard Snow's latest 2 book set. 1864 J-356a Cent OBV.jpg 1864 J-356a Cent REV.jpg
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    Hi Cal , could you please compare the date die position on my coin to the one from your catalog if you have it on hand ? at least it'll give some sort of clue for now. Thanks
  5. coyndevil36

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    Nice find ! I think yours has a RPD too ?
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