1859 Seated Liberty Quarter type ll reverse

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Paddy54, May 31, 2020.

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    C:WINDOWSTempE935 - 20200531_073259.jpg C:WINDOWSTempE936 - 20200531_073315.jpg I know alot of us have been using these crazy days of 2020....to work on our collections , attributing die marriages, or just a little house cleaning changing out old 2x2's for new.
    I call these days crazy as life has changed for most...and I for one am very thankful to have a hobby as such to vent lifes daily dumps and give myself a place that I enjoy to be in.

    So as a variety collector one needs to be aware of a lot of varieties....most collectors always say to me I dont know how you do it...to many to remember....
    Well to be honest you don't recall all the varieties out there...you learn a little at a time , rely on references, and a keen eye to put you on point.
    Which brings me to this morning....I so enjoy a cup and some alone time to do what I truly enjoy...examine coins for varieties .
    This morning I pulled some seated quarters out of the vault. And one was an 1859 ,Yeah this one almost got by......well to be honest it did....until now.
    Now I invite any feed back on this as I am not an expert in this field and want your opions as there isn't a lot on this but from what I seen it a pretty cool variety and very rare.I do believe that this image is an 1859 type ll reverse. now the type l l reverse was used on a proof strike. So this specimen was either a MS strike on proof dies , or a proof found in the wild... as the majority were proof strikes and were melted as unsold
    Notice the details of the feathers, as well the claws , date and arrows placement do check.
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