1853 CA. Gold Token What is it Worth?

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by fastfun1111, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. fastfun1111

    fastfun1111 Senior Member

    Here is an 1853 CA gold token someone wants me to sell on Ebay and I was just wondering what the value might be. He purchased it from a very reputable dealer so I would guess it is not a repo. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  3. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage

    I would stay away from it at all costs. Unless you are paying $4.95 and buying it as a souvenir token then forget it. Very few of these have any gold content in them and the sellers always say stuff like "I don't know how much gold is in it" and giving the buyer the idea that it contains gold, they don't. None!! Take a look at a Red Book as they have pics of the real gold fractionals and the prices they are worth. There are alot of fakes out there so best to stay away.

    Here's a link which may help: http://www.calgoldcoin.com/tokens.htm
  4. cerdsalicious

    cerdsalicious BigShot

    this is part of a reproduction set
    From this ocmpany off powell street in sf
    The originals are all accounted for.
    This is a reproduction that is still being made today, orignally started back in the 1950's you can find the whole set at coins shows.
    Essentially only worth a couple bucks at most.

  5. fastfun1111

    fastfun1111 Senior Member

    Thanks for the great site.
    I have been trying to figure out which wreath version this is. The seller had a coin shop for over 35 years and has a lot of knowledge in this field. Is there any way other than with a tester, to test it to see if it is gold. Thanks again
  6. cerdsalicious

    cerdsalicious BigShot

    Once again its a fake.
    The company that produced them back in the 1950's is still here in San francisco making them selling them off powell.
    Seee their advetisement from 1974? only $38 gets you 100 of them. or for $.75 get the date of your choice in a 2x2!
    The seller got duped and passed it on to the buyer, it happens...
  7. fastfun1111

    fastfun1111 Senior Member

    OK thanks for the info!!
  8. fastfun1111

    fastfun1111 Senior Member

    I just found this old listing on Ebay. The number is 300365902571. Sorry I could not get it to this page. It is like the one I have pictured. What do you think. Thanks again
  9. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage

    I went to the listing you have numbered and that one is graded and a safe bet that it's the real deal. Big difference between the two, I'd say if you want to put up some dollars, go for 300365902571. It's up to $235 right now and may go up a bit. good luck
  10. fastfun1111

    fastfun1111 Senior Member

    Thanks for the info. As stated above a man wants me to sell it for him but I might see if he would like to get it certified first as I am sure this would up the sale value.
    Thanks again
  11. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Make sure it real! when If buy on ebay I look only for grade coins by one of TPG,Anacs Ngc,Pcgs and make sure you look up the slab#
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