WTS: 1850 California Gold Mines Token & 1875-S Trade Dollar

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    Here I’m selling an 1850 California Gold Mines Token which is also known as the Two Bears Dancing Token! Please see below for more information! Price for the 1850 Token is $1300 or best offer! The 1875-S Trade Dollar is $285 or best offer!! Payment can be made, either through PayPal or sending me a Post Office Money Order, your choice. If you have any questions at all, feel free to personal message me! I've been a member on this forum since 2009, I've sold coins here and met many new friends here! If you want to see more pics, just ask me and I’ll take more! The only reason I’m selling these is because I want more gold coins! References available upon request!! Thank you

    1850 California Gold Mines Token-Two Bears Dancing Token
    California. Kagin-1. Rarity-7-. Purportedly the work of Die Sinker William Lemme of San Francisco, and signed with an L. under the Bear on the Right, under his left foot! The Token was written about by Donald Kagin, in his "Private Gold Coins and Patterns of the United States Book." This one has lustrous yellow-gold surfaces that are satiny in appearance and well struck throughout the design elements.

    1850a.JPG 1850b.JPG tradedollara.JPG tradedollarc.JPG tradedollarb.JPG tradedollard.JPG tradedollarg.JPG tradedollare.JPG

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