1846 Seated Liberty Dime

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by RREinTN, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. RREinTN

    RREinTN New Member

    Hello all. Newbie here. I have an 1846 dime with some condition issues. there is some damage to the rim as well as scratches on both sides. I believe there is a crack through the coin under the date. I know this is a desirable date with only 31K minted. What would be the retail for this coin? is it worth grading by a TPG or would it be rejected?

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  3. longshot

    longshot Enthusiast Supporter

    The date looks really weird in my opinion.The 4 looks wrong and the 6 should have a knob on it, I believe.
  4. RREinTN

    RREinTN New Member

    I looked at some photos on a TPG site and the date on my coin does look a bit different. What are possible reasons for this? Sorry I am new to coins. This coin has been in my family for many years
  5. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Yes there is a crack in the date. Cracks are common on these older coins. The condition is not good and it's seen a lot of wear. Not worth gradingbin my opinion and I'm not sure it would straight grade.

    It's been in your family for many years so I'd leave it be and enjoy it as is. It's only worth $75-$100 in that condition so be happy and enjoy the family history.

    Welcome to CT.
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  6. QuintupleSovereign

    QuintupleSovereign Well-Known Member

    Just keep it. With coins from less frequently collected series, it can be quite difficult to find a buyer willing to pay you what they're worth.
  7. RREinTN

    RREinTN New Member

    Thanks for the comments. Based on longshots observation that the date looks strange and also there appears to be a faint "O" on the reverse below the "M" in dime, this may be a fake. This will require more investigation!
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  8. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Variety Collector

    The 4 was made from a "2'' its fake as the o mm is an o mm,and there was no 46 o half dime ever minted.
  9. Evan8

    Evan8 A Little Off Center

    It would be rejected. This coin is a contemporary counterfeit. The coloration of the metal, and the crude details, especially of the date and lettering are all wrong. This isnt a typical fake made to fool collectors, it was made to fool merchants, much like you would with a counterfeit 20 dollar bill today. The condition issues were most likely done on purpose to make it look circulated and help it blend in with real coins.

    These do have collector value as they aren't terribly common.
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  10. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    Real or fake? I'm no expert on Seated Liberty Dimes, but would say that if you sent it in, it would most likely come back as "details," so not worth sending it in IMHO.
  11. Magnus87

    Magnus87 Supporter! Supporter

    100% agreement with Evan8. The outline of Liberty’s head, esp. at the rear is all wrong too. Isn’t there a TPG out there which will slab a counterfeit and clearly label it as such? (I think ICG but open to correction.). Could become quite marketable if slabbed, esp. if label noted “contemporary” to period. Anyone else out there think so?
    Dave S.
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  12. longshot

    longshot Enthusiast Supporter

    Maybe @Insider will take a look.

    My opinion too is fake, and a contemporary counterfeit is quite likely. If so, it's a pretty cool item . Just the opinion of a lowly hobbyist.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2020
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  13. Evan8

    Evan8 A Little Off Center

    ICG would slab it with a yellow counterfeit label, I believe.
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  14. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    How long has this coin been in your family?
  15. RREinTN

    RREinTN New Member

    My mom had this coin (among others) all my life (60 yr) and i assume they were passed to her from her dad. My mom was not a "collector". Wish I knew more
  16. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    It's very difficult in a lot of cases to judge a coin by a photo. This is one of them. Can you take this coin to a local coin shop or a show in your area?
  17. Insider

    Insider Talent on loan from...

    Contemporary counterfeit made of copper alloy. Folks send these in claiming they are Pattern coins! These are collectable. If offered to me I'd pay $20 but I'm sure someone else would offer more. ICG would slab it for sure.
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  18. serdogthehound

    serdogthehound Well-Known Member


    TONYBRONX Well-Known Member

    How much are confidence people making producing $75-$100 fake coins, and bad ones at that?
  20. Insider

    Insider Talent on loan from...

    In the 1840's a dime was a lot of money. In an ICG slab, that coin might sell for $75.
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  21. Evan8

    Evan8 A Little Off Center

    Most contemporary counterfeits are very crude and made on quite an array of metals, such as german silver, nickel, and copper. These pieces weren't made to be passed off as collector items. They were made to blend in with other coins and be passed off at face value.
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