1824/4 Bust Half Dollar

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    A very nice looking over date. There are several 1824 over dates with this one being the most common. The 4/4 is also easily confused with the 4/1 variety. This is clearly a 4/4 as you can tell by the spacing between the 2 and the 4.

    The tops of the 8 and 2 are close while the 2 and the 4 are apart. This is classic of the 4/4 date. The 4/1 has the 2 and the 4 close to each other with the tops of the 8 and 2 further apart. There are two varieties of the 4/4 date but each of them had the 8 and the 2 close together.

    Just to the top left of the 4 you can see a rounded knob and that’s the over date.
    AB24C012-6EB7-4ADE-9A06-9009D35A328F.jpeg 68CCB02F-EFEA-4777-93AC-7AF15CAE395F.jpeg A8683914-247B-4914-83A0-CDF60F73339C.jpeg F0688927-93F4-4593-936A-5D67F319C2A0.jpeg
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