1820 Capped Bust Dime "Statesof" Variety

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by BryceS, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. BryceS

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    1820 statesof 1.jpg 1820 statesof 2.jpg 1820 statesof 3.jpg 1820 statesof 4.jpg

    A few months ago, I made the latest addition to my capped bust dime collection - the elusive 1820 "statesof" variety. I already had both the large and small date 1820 dimes, so I only needed the "statesof" variety to complete my 1820 set. Lo and behold, I find this dime just waiting to slot right into my book at the affordable price of $20 (the seller did not identify the coin as the "statesof" variety.

    The first indication was the die state on the obverse at 9 o'clock. I think that is called a die bulge (correct me if I'm wrong), and it is characteristic of the 1820 "statesof" variety - specifically lower grade coins. Second, the top of the 1 in 10 C. is flat in this variety, and the only other 1820 dime that has a flat top 1 is the 1820 JR-8. Finally, as you can faintly make out under the scope, the final s in states is right next to the o in of.

    I'm curious to hear if any of you have a "statesof" variety in your collection (or any other neat bust dime/quarter/half dollar varieties). If so, I'd love to see some pictures.
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  3. Byron L Reed

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    Yes. They added not particularly uncommon in lower circulated grades, but are rarely identified by the seller. It once was that no premium could be garnered for them. I think that's changing in the world of modern collecting, and the idea of what's "collectable."

    I've always hated most of the "Red Book" designations as being arbitrary. After all, why designated this legend spacing as special, but not other, rarer, more obvious ones? That's what directed me toward collecting the marriages, it's definitive.
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  4. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    I don't have an 1820 'StatesOf', but have two examples of the 1814 'StatesOf' (JR-5) in my collection.

    1814 dimes - JR-5 - Both Examples - OBV:REV.png
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  5. Omegaraptor

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    Hey… at least ya got some eagle feathers! I would have snapped that one up fast for $20 too. The large diameter Bust Dimes have been growing on me fast.
  6. NSP

    NSP Well-Known Member

    Here’s my example of 1820 JR-1:

    BE1F387D-863C-48F4-A2E4-C5E9BDFAFF93.jpeg (Great Collections’ images)
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