1806 Penny

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Jamie, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    Just wondering how much the 1806 penny is worth as I have one?

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  3. Charlie32

    Charlie32 Coin Collector

    Welcome to the forum Jamie. Your coin is worth between $2-$5 dollars.

  4. Jamie

    Jamie New Member

    OK thanks for that.
  5. jane85

    jane85 New Member

    how much do you think this cion is worth? its in a very bad condition!
    thank you
  6. HAGOP

    HAGOP Member

    I think it worths more than $5.
    200 year old coin should worth more,maybe $15 in that G condition.
  7. georgiansilver

    georgiansilver Senior Member

    Hi Jamie.
    I think you will find that what you have is a halfpenny as the cartwheel pennies were in use at that time. In that condition I guess about £4-6
    ...Best wishes, Mike.
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