1789 1st president U.S.A 1797 George Washington coin

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by helldisc88, Jul 15, 2008.

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    If that is your contribution to this forum, then I only have one word for you.

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    The double sided Washington medal marked first president is a funerary medal but there were many different versions of the medal made at different times. Marking the 50th 100th 150th anniversary of his death as well as the Centineal and Bicentenial of the country. The one that was mentioned on Pawn Stars is the type that was made immediately after his death and yes it is worth a great deal of money after it is authenicated and providing it is in good shape which is very rare because of the metal it was made of. Most of the shiny ones made of copper or bronze are newer ones from the 1900's some are holed some are not. The older ones are almost always made of pewter or white metal and are always holed. Now there are rumors going around that silver examples were made and given to select people in Washington at the time of his death though I've never seen one at auction or at a museum. I have been metal detecting for thirty years and have found three. Two new, and one old. The old one is in bad shape because of the effect of the ground on Pewter. The best rule of thumb is with these tokens that if it looks new it probably is. What the tokens are worth all depends on when the token was made starting at about 10 bucks and going as high as 7000 depending on age and grade.
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    Mike - is that a new ID for you?
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    You guys the one in this topic (the first in question) is a replica. lisaray8487 your's looks quite original.
    This is a metal designed to be worn around one's neck minted shortly after Washington died for his funeral.
    Hundreds of thousands were minted as Washington was one of the most favorite presidents ever.

    The hole is in every single one of those...
    As for value I dont know.
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    Need Help

    I was given many years ago some coins from my grandfather, who has since passed. One of which is a 1789-1797 George Washington coin. It has heads on both sides with a hole above the head, however here is the difference from any others ive seen online. It has two rivet holes on one side as if it was two pieces put together. The rim is not flat, but appears to be crimped. My grandfather told me that it was given to him from his and was one of the original coins produced when he died. I never believed him, but im now curious. Is it Authentic? if so, What is it worth?

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    I too have found a similar coin/medal/token while going through some of my wife's late grandmother's possessions. I'm not sure as to the metal, although I believe it is pewter. I have attached a picture which, due to the lighting, make it seem polished, but it definitely is not. Does this appear to be a reproduction or an original and is there any way to tell? I'm trying to determine if I should take it to get authenticated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Wow!! $25,000 in Gold!!
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    I have yet to find out if mine is authentic. The only difference in mine, is the rivet circles on one side. I am waiting on an answer from someone who says mine looks like the proof. I have posted better pictures of mine on another tread. Good luck, when I find out, I'll let you know. Please do the same. Thanks.
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    Wow...just look at how many people had their first, and last, posts in this thread!
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    i also have one of these tokens with a little wear marks and it is the older one
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    You know, the thing I don't understand is how some people can be with-it enough to turn on their computer, navigate the Internets to find this thread, get registered and post a message, but club-dumb enough not to actually read even the slightest amount of what's been posted in it?
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    Hi jane I have the same coin but in better condition then this one and just found uot accordding to other persons in this site that there worth nothing Im confused can u tell me which and where museums please thanks cornelius
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    This reminds me of the time I showed an 1883 Morgan to a female friend of mine. She looked at it and said, " 1883, ...America was around back then?"
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    Hey my name is zach I just now found that same two faced George Washington coin mine is in good condition and is readable on both sides and has a hole on the same place as yrs but it does not say how much it is or if it is real but I am fascinated with it I love old coins and paper money I hope some one can tell us what it is worth I am on a smart phone and don't know how to put a picture on here but when I find out I will
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    This coin is currently value on Pawn Stars, a Tv show, for $5,000. That's a nice coin you have there!
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    read the (very old ) thread...
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    wow, for such a rare token, 13 random people have found one in the last few years. I wonder what that does to its rarity according to supply and demand, I mean if there are only a few around and a couple dozen collectors competing for one, the price could be quite high, but if as it seems these things are being found regularly there goes the value, sort of if they happened to find a cache of 50 1913 v nickels,
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    I think we got trolled
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