10 and 20 dollar bank notes

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by cucumberinsalad, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    No pictures, sorry. :(

    They both say Second National Bank and Trust Company of Saginaw Michigan

    The Series date is 1929. I dont know much about these bills but on the face on both ends (looks to be stamped) it says 1918, running up and down..

    I'm looking for a general value of these bills. I know its hard to say without pictures but a price range would help. I'm not looking to get rid of these but I want to know what I have.

    If the serial numbers will help let me know. They seem to be very low numbers to me.

    Good condition too. They have been in slips for years.

    Thanks a million.
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  3. Are they brown seals?
  4. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    I believe they are. I know more about coins. lol An easy way to tell a brown seal is that the serial number and the seal itself is a brown color? If so, then yes it is.
  5. The 10 dollar

    [TABLE="width: 540, align: center"]

    Average Grade Range
    Unc Star

    $15 - $25 (specific National Bank issues can be worth far more.)
    $1,500. (FR Banks only)
    The 20 dollar

    [TABLE="width: 540, align: center"]

    Average Grade Range
    Unc Star

    $22 - $50 (specific National Bank issues can be worth far more.)
    $250. (FR Banks only)
    Hope this helps.
  6. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    Thanks a lot. So with it saying second national bank and trust company of saginaw michigan, that would make it a specific national bank?
  7. Certain, not all, national bank notes are worth more.
    That depends on how many were made at each bank.

  8. Can you get pics?
  9. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    Not right now. I'm not at home. I will be able to probably tomorrow. I will see if my girlfriend can get some pictures up for me.
  10. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    If she'll do it do you think you could help me upload the pictures? I've never done that before.
  11. lettow

    lettow Senior Member

    Yes. These notes are from the Second National Bank and Trust Company of Saginaw, Michigan. 1918 is the banks Charter Number.

    I don't know where ibuildcircuits got his information, but using a general guide for Nationals is like saying all silver dollars are worth at least melt value. The National market is so specialized that general guidance is useless.

    Heritage Auction archives show the following sales for these notes:

    February 2009 VF $149.50
    May 2007 VG $57.00

    December 2010 VF $59.00
    January 2010 VG $99.00 (this was for two notes)

    Incidentally, there are no "star notes" for National Bank Notes. Replacements for small size Nationals used the same serial number as the defective notes. Sometimes, the replacement notes can be identified because one or both serial numbers are askew. The serial numbers on replacement small size Nationals were applied by hand. There are star replacement notes for 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Notes which also have brown seals.

    On small size National Bank Notes the serial numbers for notes from each bank started over at 00000001. Many will hove three and four digit serial numbers.
  12. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    Thank you lettow. How is the value of the 10 worth more than the 20?
  13. Okay.. Sorry that is just what I found..
  14. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    Precisley what I was thinking when I read his post. Different banks come with different printing figures and therefore different rarities and different prices.
  15. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    Need good pics to tell the grade of the bills.
    You can see from previous info that value can range wildly just between VG and VF. (57 vs 150).

    You can't really expect to get a value on coin or currency without detailed pics included.
  16. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    Face value has nothing to do with collector value.

    It is supply and demand.
    For whatever reason, the $10 note is harder to get now, so it is more expensive.
    Maybe there were fewer made, maybe there are fewer known surviviors, maybe there are fewer in that grade range as the lower denomination probably saw more use. There are many reasons that the face value doesn't matter anymore.
  17. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Innocent bystander

    This one sentence says it all.
  18. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    saginaw01.jpg saginaw02.jpg

    I dont know if I uploaded these the right way but I hope this can give you an idea so I can get some better info.

    Sorry for the wait.
  19. cucumberinsalad

    cucumberinsalad New Member

    If its a must to have pictures of the backs let me know but it might take about an hour to get the girlfriend to take me some pictures.
  20. vnickels

    vnickels Matt Draiss Numismatics & Galleries

    Also try ha.com.
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