Ebay: 1-Cent NR, Classic US Type coins Gold, NGC PCGS & CAC Items

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    Ok, ladies & gents!
    The time has come for me to sell some favorites from my collection, these coins are cherry picks, so I'm quite certain you'll find them appealing as well. From Large Cent to Classic gold all will sell on Sunday to the highest bidder.

    Highlights include:
    1876 20-Cent piece, mintage of 14,400 graded PCGS Unc Details
    1923 Blast white SLQ PCGS MS-63 CAC
    1811 over 10 O-102 (R4) Bust Half, Raw but looks XF with nice color
    1953-S Franklin PCGS MS-65 CAC....crazy luster!!!
    1844 Seated Dollar.....Mintage of 20,000
    CAC MS Morgans, a GSA CC and Rainbow toned example from the Binion Hoard.
    1907 $2.50 Gold PCGS MS-63
    And a 1907 $10 Gold Certificate if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.

    Thank you for looking!
    Here they are:
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