$1 Bill Elimination Idea On Capital Hill

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Drago the Wolf, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Drago the Wolf

    Drago the Wolf Junior Member

    Okay, I don't know what happened to my last post here, so I will post again.

    Every month or so, I call the BEP to see if the $100 bill problem has been corrected yet, or if the $1 bill is in any danger of elimination, and every time I've asked them if the $1 bill was in damger of being eliminated, they would respond "No" THIS TIME however, they said "That issue is on Capital Hill"

    Is this good news for the dollar coin? I've never gotten that reply before. Or is it the same old thing as when they've tried eliminating the $1 bill before?
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  3. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    Is this good news for the dollar coin?
    Not necessarily.

    Or is it the same old thing as when they've tried eliminating the $1 bill before?
    Only time will tell.
  4. andyscouse

    andyscouse Collector of Brit stuff

    It'll be interesting to see if this actually goes anywhere. If they want, really want, to save some $$$, eliminating the $1 bill is a good, easy and non-harmful route. That, and cutting the unnecessarily high pay of CEOs.
  5. Vess1

    Vess1 CT SP VIP

    Who likes carrying around pockets full of change? I dump all mine in a change bank as soon as I get home. Quarters, dimes and nickels are bad enough. I always lean back in a chair and half of it falls out. Now imagine losing dollars every time you sit back somewhere.

    What's going against change is that it doesn't buy anything anymore and it's heavy. I'm mixed on the idea. It wouldn't be difficult for women to carry dollar coins in their purses I suppose. They come in handy for vending machines.
  6. ctrl

    ctrl Member

    I've seen maybe one non-post office vending machine that took $1 coins.
  7. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    I think he meant if bills were eliminated.

    I hate change. It's heavy, it falls out of my pockets, it gets lost... The bill is much more convienent.
    The savings are something like $4 billion over 30 years! What a joke.
    There are things they need to be doing in government that will save $4 billion a day!
  8. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    You have to start somewhere.

    Every other nation in the world changed. The people didn't like it, it was forced upon
    them, but they got used to it. It's not a problem for them now.
    What makes us so special?
  9. ratio411

    ratio411 Active Member

    We are a free nation... we have choice, and the people choose the paper bill by about 70%. Nuff said.
  10. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    +1. It's not worth the savings when there are other things we could be iliminating that will have a much less inconvient toll and save much, much more.

  11. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    Do you really believe that?
    Are you free to not pay taxes?
    Need I go on?
  12. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    Leave the US if your not thankful for what you have here... Oh, thats right, you don't have to leave the US if you don't want to... Becaus your free. I wake up everyday and know I'm thankful and greatful to be somewhere like the US. I'll tell ya what, its definetely free enough for people like you to make ignorant comments like these. Try going to China or Afghan and saying crap like that. In some countries you'd probably be executed on site for even laughing about the government. If I can even recall correctly, in one country your not allowed to sneeze of cough in public. You will be arrested for doing so. Just because you have to pay taxes, doesn't mean your not free. We all pitch in and do our part to pay for our freedom.
  13. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    Let's not get on that bus, Tbud.
  14. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    Yeah its probably too political for this site, so I will end it there. Please don't go posting things in public forums where your not going to want to/can't discuss about though. This website it just as public as your local supermarket, so whatver you woudn't go around yelling out there you should use the same discression for this site because it is in fact a public forum.
  15. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    Back on track here.
    There is no one magic bullet that will solve the deficit problem in the US. Many things have to be cut, not just one.
    Just because eliminating the one and two dollar notes doesn't solve the budget problem is not a good reason to not do it.
    Like I said, you have to start somewhere. What's easier, cutting out the paper dollar or doing away with Social Security and Medicare?
  16. ctrl

    ctrl Member

    Apparently, some think the answer to that question is is "doing away with Social Security and Medicare".
  17. coinup

    coinup Junior Member

  18. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    Theres more we can do besides "doing away with Social Security and Medicare", so you guys are turning this argument into a one sided argument where you guys make it seem like Social Security and Medicare are the only possible things we can be doing to cut down on costs or elimination the paper $1 FRN. Theres plenty more that we can do to cut down on costs, IMO.
  19. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    That's what the banks, oil companies and other mega corporations want. They want it to be like the early 1900's with two classes of people, the super rich and the people that work beginning at ten years old for twelve hours a day, shopping at the company store and living in and paying rent for company housing, then they die in debt to the mega rich factory owner.

    That's America today!
  20. tbudwiser

    tbudwiser Active Member

    Hhhmmm... Thats weird; I just walked into my local Safeway and I couldn't find anybody under the age of 25, let alone "12 year old" as you put it, and I live in Sacramento, California which doesn't have a lot of older folks; especially my neighborhood. Wal-Mart? Same thing. Any store around here, people are decent middle-aged workers. I do of course recognize your sarcasm in it and your dramatization, but I think 12 is a big too young, even for dramatization. America is what you think it is. Start thinking positive and I'll bet you'll start seeing positive.

  21. Siwash

    Siwash Senior Member

    I'm up for dollar coins. Dollar bills are ganchy filthy.
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