‘64 quarters

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    These are all 1964 quarters and all of them have hardly visible tail feathers. The tails are noticeably weaker than the rest of the bird and it’s hard to imagine (to me) accidental damage in this spot without like damage to the surrounding areas of the coin.

    Am I imagining it? Is this a “weak butt eagle” variety?

    10A11D7D-D02F-4400-B54C-B81533F4E9E8.jpeg 10A11D7D-D02F-4400-B54C-B81533F4E9E8.jpeg F30C7A85-EEAB-4655-A14A-75AE71776154.jpeg 450D2740-7542-4AA3-889B-8CCE198F2E02.jpeg 594D1E90-3C8E-42C4-B052-2ACBF6DF4BE2.jpeg 063D5E01-6C22-4852-8EEE-A820EF7F2F9F.jpeg D9180439-A3DD-43F7-90D1-C84A9A537B49.jpeg 9AADFE78-739A-4792-9B6F-CE6E558B7593.jpeg E55BFBF6-8911-4B67-9450-0CA1068FAB4A.jpeg 635F8AD2-D2D7-47A3-9FAA-2122A3E30205.jpeg
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