US Small Size Common Denomination Type Set
General item created by killswitch95, Aug 26, 2021
  • Since pre made type sets for US currency are not nearly as common as coins (I had to format the album myself like a dansco type album) the restrictions on such are a lot looser...

    As such I made this very similar in design to the capital plastics 20th century US coin type set holder in that it holds one note, of each denomination, of each type within that denomination. Series year, or series year sub type (2017A for example) are not paid any mind...

    Another thing to bare in mind is that regarding the old currency I find the history that such bill may contain in its day to day transactions to be a fascinating and driving factor behind my desire to own such pieces... The history of America in a single book... That being said two things hold me back from including large denominations in my set those being:

    - $500-$10,000 denominations, even near the end of their life span, were not used nearly as much as the $1-$100... I would rather own a $1 Silver Certificate Short Snorter from a wartime place than a $10,000 bill if money were no issue... The Short Snorter has such a story to tell...

    - Obvious economical restrictions of wanting to purchase such pieces...

    As such my Type Set is built around the notion of 'Common denominations used in everyday commerce and the building of America.'

    *Holding place for a bank card prompting users about the change from large size currency to small size currency on July 1st 1929.*

    Gold Certificates
    *Holding for $50 & $100 Gold Certificate*

    *Holding for Type 1 National Bank Notes*
    *Holding for Type 2 National Bank Notes*

    Federal Reserve Banknotes

    Hawaii Overprint Notes

    North Africa Notes

    Silver Certificates

    United States Notes

    Federal Reserve Notes (Small Portrait)
    ($1 is a Series 1963, $2 is a Series 1976)

    Federal Reserve Notes (Large Portrait Redesign)

    Federal Reserve Notes (Color Currency *Star Notes Picked from Circulation*)

    I am hoping to complete the set by early 2022...
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    Great article congratulations on what you're doing. I hope that you complete your goals and I'm sure that you will keep us updated.