Eisenhower Dollar Overstrikes by Daniel Carr
Dollars item created by Voyageur, Jul 23, 2019
  • Daniel Carr is the Mint-Master of the Moonlight Mint and has produced some of the most amazing Tokens, Club Medals, and "Fantasy" Overstrikes. My preference are those overstrikes on Eisenhower Dollars and include multiple strikes, sandblasted (matte) finishes, and gilt on selected areas. The Moonlight Mint Open House creations have been created for the years, 2009 (Spiked Liberty Head), 2012 (George Washington) , 2013 (Buffalo Nickel), 2014 (Capped Bust Half Dollar), 2015 Daniel Carr for President), 2016 (Clark Gruber), 2017 (WW1 Soldier "Square" Die), 2018 (WW1 Dollar Concept Die), 2019 (Apollo / Moon Landing). There were and are a multitude of striking and finish options created for each year and these represent but a few of them.