1910 2 1/2 gold Indian
  • This came from eBay which I buy hobos from some vendors. I have the Avatar Bill Zach uses he did for me about five years ago. I usually do not buy old coins but new when the deals are right and their is some fine art to see.

    Pepperoni was my previous J R Terrier who walked on to a pizza we were eating while sitting on the floor . She just walked over and got a couple of bites. Her name was pepper she had flecks down her nose. She went 16 years and lost her sight. My new one is now four " Yoshe " Japanese for most beautiful. She is a hand full. They both were Parsons Jack Russell's with long legs and built to remove a fox from It`s den.

    The coin caught my eye, I have always wanted, and could afford to buy a graded unit, but this looked good. Tell me what you see !

    Be well , Pep