1740 Stuttgart Klippe
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  • Circa 1740 Silver 2 Ducats Klippe -- Württemberg-Stuttgart

    This first mention of this coin I can find in print comes from a book published in 1765 in Ulm titled Schwäbische Merckwürdigkeiten, oder kleine Abhandlungen, Auszüge und vermischte Nachrichten von Schwäbischen Sachen: zum Dienst und Vergnügen hoher und niedriger, gelehrt- und ungelehrter Personen (by Johann Jacob Moser). On page 408 of the book, item 277 is listed as:

    Square ducat.
    Obverse: The city of Stuttgart. Below, “Stuttgardia.”
    Reverse: A stud, with a foal, and the surrounding text “Well raised youth makes one happy”

    A copy of page 408 is included among the images for this coin. The coin has a lot going for it, including it's interesting square shape (called a "Klippe"), it's wonderful toning, and the interesting topic on both sides (including 2 horses and a city scene). In addition, the artistry, workmanship, and detail of the engraving is just jaw dropping. This is one of the most exciting coins I have added to my collection in a very long time. It is coin number 220 of my certified horse-themed registry set on the NGC site.

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