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World Coins Japan
Tokyo, Japan
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    World Coins Japan -

    Specialty: Some Japanese coins / Deals in higher end and some certified World coins / Fair amount of modestly priced world coins of lower grade. They tend to carry a lot of European/Medieval and some Ancient (Roman/Greek) coins, both mainly silver and some gold to shows, leaving lower grade coins in the shop.

    Shop: Welcoming to visitors and shop visits. Very cluttered with books and boxes, but filled with treasures.

    Other info: Very pleasant family run operation with knowledgeable dealers that are hardworking and helpful. Attends all major coin shows in Japan. Their primary sales are through a physical shop which is open for walk-in visitors and at they bring higher end world coins to coin shows.

    Also they offer a mail-order auction catalog (via post). Their website is not geared to e-commerce.

    Language: Willing to work through language barriers at shows an in store. Limited English online.

    World Coins Japan
    Kopo Hamamatsu-cho (bldg.)
    1 Chome−15−5 Hamamatsuchō,
    Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan 105-0013


    Tel. +81-03-5777-0351

    Located near: JR Hamamatsucho Station on Yamanote train line.

    How did you find this dealer? Introduced by a CoinTalk member residing in Japan who introduced me in person to the dealers. I have also visited their coin shop on my own. I receive mail and mail order auction catalogs (in Japan) from the shop.

    Purchased from this dealer? Yes. 5-10 pieces. +$500
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