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  1. Victor_Clark

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    My name is Victor Clark and I have been collecting ancient coins since I got out of the Navy in 1995. My focus is mainly on Late Roman Bronzes (LRB's), especially those of Constantine the Great, but I enjoy all the fourth and fifth century bronzes. My interest in ancient numismatics gave me motivation to get my master's in History and I wrote my thesis--- "Constantine the Great: The Coins Speak" on bronze coinage of Constantine and stressed the multidisciplinary aspects of numismatics and tried to demonstrate how coins can be used as another primary source.
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  3. Mammothtooth

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    I saw a post of the coins thru the progression of Emperors,
    Where is it?
  4. Pete.pete

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    Hi Victor I'm a metal detectorist from the UK I recently found a Constantine bronze folis coin that has been holed above his back there are so many speculation on why they holed coins in different places but the coin I found was most probably holed by the saxons so it was made to look as if the roman emperor was bowing to the saxon . Would love to know you theory kn holed roman coins . Kind regards Pete.
  5. Victor_Clark

    Victor_Clark all my best friends are dead Romans Dealer

    Roman coins were holed for many reasons; including use as jewelry. Often they were holed to string together so they would not get lost. I have seen holed coins found on a pin; which was then attached inside a cloak for safe keeping.
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