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Valley Coin
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  3. ReaperRuler

    ReaperRuler Resident Numismatist

    I use this store fairly frequently. However, I prefer not to buy coins from them unless I know exactly what I want and its on a list since they have most of their inventory in safes and not readily accessible. They do have a large selection of coin inventory that is constantly changing, but their website isnt always reliable in that respect. They have a large numismatic reference selection as well as a large supply inventory including Dansco albums. They are definitely worth visiting, but I would suggest either browsing their website and compiling a list, or just really coming in with a price point in mind and sticking to it. Still positive experiences, however.
  4. Rushmore

    Rushmore Coin Addict

    I've never bought coins from them but they are my go-to for coin albums.
  5. EagleEyez

    EagleEyez Hoarding coinage since 1974

    Staff was too busy behind the counter on two separate occasions to help me , the only customer in the place. When they finally came around, they were rude. Website is not kept updated. Might give a 3rd chance as we all have bad days, will update this review if my opinion is changed.
  6. mlov43

    mlov43 주화 수집가 Supporter

    It's true that the inventory isn't kept up to date on their website, but the upside of this is that the inventory is always MUCH more than what is shown on their website. When they are not busy(!) the staff is friendly enough from my experiences.

    I've always felt that the prices I've paid for the coins that I bought from Valley Coin were totally reasonable, and almost always a better value than if I had bought the same coin elsewhere in the state, especially at a coin show.

    They know how to grade copper. And that's why I purchase my Lincoln cent upgrades from them.
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