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The Coin Shop
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(248) 446-1445
21885 Pontiac Trail
South Lyon

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    The Coin Shop - South Lyon MI 48178

    We buy and sell U.S. Coins, Estate coins/collections, silver & gold bullion, jewelry and much more! We pay top dollar for coin collections, gold and silver.

    We carry U.S. and foreign coins, supplies for collectors and silver & gold bullion. From US Silver Eagles, Maple Leafs, Tokens, Proof and Uncirculated Sets to Morgan Silver Dollars & Peace AKA "Liberty" Dollars. We have a huge selection of High Grade U.S and Foreign Coins at or below ebay prices.

    The Coin Shop staff has over 80 years of combined experience! We can help get you started on a coin collection or help you find those missing coins you need. We are the only coin dealer in Michigan with over 100,000 collectible coins in stock. We work with other coin dealers around the area and if we don't have something you need we can get it for you.

    Silver Bullion Always in Stock: Silver Rounds & Bars, Silver Maple Leaf's, Silver Eagles, Junk Silver Coins and More.
    We always have gold coins and gold bullion as well. We buy scrap gold jewelry, gold coins and gold bullion.
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    That's great. Create your own separate thread. If they are US coins then choose the correct forum to give details about them. You also should post pictures. We like pictures. Use jpeg files not whatever file you used because the picture does not show.
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