Penny Pincher Coins

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Penny Pincher Coins
Fairfax City
  1. Penny Pincher Coins
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    This shop used to be really easy to miss from the street, but has moved a couple stores up to a bigger location. Parking is in a small shared lot right next to the store.

    This shop sells both coins and jewelry with the sales floor divided about evenly between the two. They have an expansive selection of classic US coins as well as foreign coins, both slabbed and raw. They have a reasonable selection of modern coins, but their coin supplies are very limited. The owner and sales staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. This store actively buys from walk-ins, and they have a decent website. This is a great store to bring a young numismatist. They have some huge bargain bins and freebies for the kids. The prices are fair and they give a cash discount for coins.
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