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  1. LostDutchman

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    Lost Dutchman Rare Coins is Indianapolis's premier coin shop. We offer coins for both collectors and investors. We take pride in our family business and want to make sure that your experience with us is a positive one. We are BBB accredited and have maintained an A+ rating since we have been accredited. We are currently heavily engaged in both the coin/currency and the bullion market. Our senior Numismatist Matt Dinger travels to most major conventions so we have our fingers on the pulse of the rare and collectible coin market. He is a life member of the ANA, ISNA, and CSNA. We are also PCGS, NGC & CAC certified dealers. Our award winning staff has over 125 years of combined experience in coins and currency. We are available to answer your questions and also are interested in purchasing your coins and collections.
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  3. medoraman

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    Matt is a member here, but this review has absolutely nothing to do with this fact. I have ordered coins from him numerous times. He is always knowledgable, professional, and handles transactions quickly and packages coins very well. The only other comment I could say would be I am sad I do not live in Indianapolis so I do not have the chance to ever visit his shop or meet him in person.

    A+ dealer, and if you live near him I have no idea why you would want to deal with anyone else.
  4. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    It was probably the greatest day in my life when i purchased a coin from matt. I forgot what it was, i think a gold peso. Either way in was a great experience.
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  5. scottishmoney

    scottishmoney Buh bye

    Several buying and selling experiences since 2005, gotten some early silver proofs, some odd denomination gold etc from LD and always pleased. Is also a great buyer too.
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  6. sshafer11

    sshafer11 Head Research Assistant - Coin Show Radio

    I Do business with LDRC once a week as a dealer and collector. I feel lucky to live so close to such a great shop. Always top notch service, amazing inventory -- choice coins and bank notes for basically any budget. Best of all Matt and Evan are excellent numismatic mentors. They always have time to discuss collecting strategy and study within the hobby. LDRC is just a great establishment that really caters to it's customer base, and the hobby as a whole. I feel confident when I deal with them that I'm getting a really fair deal whether buying or selling.
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  7. treylxapi47

    treylxapi47 Well-Known Member Dealer

    Ehhhhh, hes alright, I guess. In that super cool, always looks out for you, willing to help, and wont let you down type of way. You know, if youre into that sort of thing and all.
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  8. Jwt708

    Jwt708 Well-Known Member

    I bought a couple of things from Lost Dutchman Rare Coins, all through eBay. My favorite item(s) was a lot of four military trade tokens. Those four tokens ingited a new passion for my collecting and they're one of my favorite items in my collection. Everything I've bought from LDRC was well photographed, shipped quickly and well packaged. I highly recommend Lost Dutchman Rare Coins and my only complaint is I don't live near his store!:)
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  9. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    I am originally from Indy area (Zville), and was home a couple years ago. (I have not lived there in 35 yrs, and now live in NC). Decided to go treasure hunting and found their store. Great people, purchased a couple coins and some gold bullion. Very fair, helpful, and great to talk with. Hope to see them during my next trip up!
  10. Dawn Olitsky

    Dawn Olitsky New Member

    Sounds great
  11. Toots74

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