Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

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Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
  1. Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
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    Ishifuku Metal Industry Co., Ltd. -

    Bullion dealers and industrial metals, commodities traders.

    Online has a very limited amount of English pages, those being mainly about the company.

    Other info:
    Founded in 1930 and located in the Kanda area of Tokyo. They have a physical address for walk-in business of customers seeking to buy bullion, cash over counter. Their website allows for mail order, however, this is available in Japan only. The cost is prohibitive to ship internationally and requires bank wire transfer to complete transactions. People in Japan are mainly sold bullion in larger quantities than many in the US are accustomed to purchasing it. It often comes in forms of hallmarked ingots or bars that range from 1 ounce to 1 kilo for gold and platinum products. Silver is not widely purchased for bullion investment in Japan, and when sold usually comes in 300 and 500 gram bars or kilo sized bars. Some jewelry stores also act as agents for bullion dealers, and are more convenient for customers purchasing smaller amounts.

    Japanese only from my experience.

    3 Chome-20-7 Uchikanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan 101-8654

    〒101-8654 東京都千代田区内神田3-20-7

    Tel. +81-03-3252-3131

    Ishifuku market - bullion page:

    Showroom / shop view:

    Located near: JR Kanda Station on the Ginza train line.

    How did you find this dealer? Discovered by my own online research , study of online buying process and a visit to their retail location. Recommend a visit to see art objects on display cast from precious metals. Recommend to buy bullion in person to avoid inconvenience of the mail and wire transfer process.

    Purchased from this dealer? Yes. 1 time via mail-order, in Japan. +$250

    Image files uploaded with this review include: Ishifuku shop acess map, an example of Ishifuku's hallmark on a 50 gram gold bullion bar, Ishifuku showroom, and other Japanese bullion hallmarks for Gold, Platinum, Palladium and Silver bullion products.

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