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    Being located in the original Capital of North Carolina certainly has its charms, and New Bern is no exception, being a small historic town by the riverside with olde-tyme heritage teeming through its streets. Perched at the confluence of the two twin rivers that give way to the estuaries, beautiful beaches, and the barrier islands of the Crystal Coast, the history here is rich and diverse. One need only to look to the legends of notorious pirate Edward Teach, or better known as Blackbeard, and his famous shipwreck "The Queen Anne's Revenge", sunk right off the Beaufort Inlet, and to dream and wonder about recovering the lost treasures just out of grasp. There are also many Civil War forts, camps, and trails that provide a local treasure adventure in recovering items forgotten to the sands of time. With New Bern being a port town and an old merchant city, its quite easy to see the overlap in numismatics as well as the inherent history that is so unique to this particular area. You will find that many of our offerings reflect the native interests and heritage found in our State as well as the local area itself.

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by!
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    I received my first coin from Trey the other day, and am pleased it is mine. It was exactly as described, and the service was fast and friendly.

    You should consider giving this new dealer a chance, as he puts a lot of effort into pleasing his customers.
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