Early American Coin Gallery, LLC

Discussion in 'Directory' started by Peter T Davis, Oct 8, 2014.

Early American Coin Gallery, LLC
  1. Early American Coin Gallery, LLC
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    Tom Reynolds is a well known and respected early copper dealer. If you see his table at a show, you will be amazed at the breadth of his inventory (in all grade levels) that is truly geared for the variety large cent and half cent specialist. 95% of his coins are unslabbed which is really the norm for early copper collectors. If you go to his website above and don't see a variety listed, I would suggest you contact him to see what he has. Prices will be strong which seems to be the norm with the well known early copper dealers. Don't be afraid to negotiate with a reasonable offer.

    Another factor about Tom is his friendly personality and his willingness to answer your questions about copper and the hobby in general. I'm simply a type collector and while I've only purchased one coin from Tom, I've had several discussions with him at different shows where he has been generous with his time. He has a very good reputation in the business.

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    Tom is good people. I have known him for many years. He is always willing to help.
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