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  3. kanga

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    An Early American Copper (EAC) dealer of high end coins.
    Nationally known and if the crowd at his tables is any indication, well respected.
    Very personable and knows his areas of interest well.

    But you have to be familiar with the EAC way of grading.
    It's not wrong, just different than ANA standards.
    Many of his coins are raw which is normal for EAC dealers/collectors.
    Not a dealer for beginners but a great place to get a good look at what the US Mint was issuing early in its history.
  4. Catbert

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    I've found that his table at large shows contain a significant number of TPG graded coins so, if one is not familiar with EAC grading, no worries.

    I've purchased a PCGS AU58 half cent from Chris McCawley that I felt was superb, but I paid a premium to do so. If one is expecting to buy early copper based upon the grey sheet, you won't do so here (because the grey sheet has traditionally and inappropriately undervalued early copper despite market realities) and because McCawley has an extensive inventory that caters to specialists and that will have coins from some of the many recent auctions of several comprehensive and high quality collections.

    Don't be surprised to see his table manned by his young family members. While they will quote you a price, I prefer to deal directly with Chris.
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