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Discussion in 'Directory' started by dirbot, Aug 25, 2014.

Coin Rarities Online, LLC
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    This is one of those coin dealer sites that, when you click on the inventory or archives page (please go look), you will drool in amazement at the quality of inventory. John Agre specializes in colonials and U.S. type coins. You will also note that the pricing, IMO, is at full retail and then some. I've not found any discounting either, perhaps due to their inventory turning over quickly with lots of buyers. With that said, he carries some fantastic coins that are expertly and accurately photographed (he uses the coin photographer guru, Mark Goodman who wrote the definitive book on coin photography). If you are looking for coins with strong eye appeal or high quality colonials, you will find them in spades here.

    I have bought three coins over several years from CRO. Each time I have gritted my teeth at the premium paid, but I wanted the coin and I had to pay the freight. Of course, the coins I bought were not generic type (they possessed colorful toning) and they had a certain quality that I desired. You should do your own due diligence on the pricing to determine if you are comfortable. The coin shipped with very careful packaging (in a fancy and sturdy box).

    Here's the last coin I bought from CRO. I knew they acquired it from ebay and, had I known about the coin then, I could have avoided the healthy mark up. So it goes - I don't have the time to view ebay auctions daily. Nonetheless, I'm glad to own the coin (it has a proof-like reverse):


    I have also sold a coin to CRO and obtained a quick check for my coin. I have found that CRO has treated me with professionalism on both the buying and selling side of my transactions.
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