Coast to Coast Coins & Currency

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Coast to Coast Coins & Currency
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    I purchased a 1849-D $5.00 coin NGC AU55. On 11-6-18 I suspected something wrong. I sent it to PCGS and it was returned as CLEANED. It is in it's original holder. I contacted the owner on 12-20-18 of Coast To Coast and he refused any kind of refund or restitution. I would never deal with this establishment again. This was a $ 4125.00 coin. I think some dealers make a business of finding improper graded coins especially from NGC and buy them at auctions for a really good price and sell them off to collectors like myself that put faith in both dealers and grading institutions. Maybe these dealers like Coast to Coast hope that these collectors put them away for years and then some day realize they aren't what as described. It's another racket to make money.
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