Chris Rudd Celtic Coins

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Chris Rudd Celtic Coins
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    Thought I'd leave a review. Chris Rudd specializes in British Celtic Coins; buying, selling, and has even wrote a couple books. He does business through mail, email, and over the phone and accepts a variety of payment methods. About two months ago I ordered a book and a low grade Celtic coin. Since I live about an hour from him I received the package the next day. Both arrived in excellent condition. To place the order I called his number and the lady I spoke to took my debit card information and ran it. Customer service was outstanding - everything you would hope or expect - she was courteous and friendly. Chris Rudd publishes his own catalogs online for free or a print version you can subscribe to. One contains items over 250 GBP and the other one under. I intend to do future business with him.

    Oh, his website is
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