Central Stamp & Coin Co

Discussion in 'Directory' started by Peter T Davis, Oct 18, 2014.

Central Stamp & Coin Co
  1. Central Stamp & Coin Co
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    During my last summers vacation my sweetheart and I went to California to do some things to help settle her late fathers estate, we were pretty busy, but I was able to take a couple hours and visited John Whiteheads Central Stamp & Coin Co. His business card boasts the Largest Bottle dealers in fancy decanters, he spent most of his time conversin with a woman who was thinking of buying silver, and he handled what to me would have been a frustrating conversation with patience and tact.

    I looked through the cases while he was talking and found a lot of the usual suspects, coins that any collector has seen many times, I did not have much time to spare but I was able to buy some collector grade notes for my silver certificate collection at reasonable prices.
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