Capital Coin and Bullion

Discussion in 'Directory' started by dirbot, Aug 24, 2014.

Capital Coin and Bullion
  1. Capital Coin and Bullion
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    I have shopped here several times since 2012. The last time was this spring. They are very active in common silver and gold. The have a narrow spread and make their money on volume.

    I bought Silver American Eagles several times, both singly and in rolls. I also bought US 90% which usually goes out as fast as it comes in. The same is true of common gold, such as UK Sovereigns and French "Roosters" and "Angels" 20 franc coins and similar items. Weekdays are best for buying what other people sell. Saturdays are like a fast food drive through: know what you want; buy it; and let the next person in line do the same.

    The owners are active in the local patriotic community. The store also sells survival foods and ammunition. They are not big on numismatics. I ran into one of the coin club guys who was going through half dollars from the common silver box. He showed me an arm's-length Repunched Mintmark. So, if you like to hunt for bargains, this is a good place.
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