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Discussion in 'Directory' started by Peter T Davis, Sep 27, 2014.

Belvedere Collectible
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    Pat Delaney is the owner of Belvedere Collectible coins, he is one of most ethical dealers I have met in my short time of collecting. He actually had bought a passel of proof sets and when he discovered that there were 2 no S coins in those sets he contacted the seller and sweetened the pot for him.

    That sort of integrity set a standard for me, one that I will always try to meet,

    While he does a large amount of jewelery buying, he also has a fair amount of coins for sale, and occasionally some currency, his grading is pretty accurate and he mainly follows the grey sheet .

    If one is selling silver or gold he does pay better than anyone else I have met in the area, and when I have steered sellers to him he has not forgotten it.

    The only drawback is that he is a one man operation and sometimes he is just too busy to just talk coins.
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