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Apr 28, 2011
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Dry Ink Seldom Smears

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Apr 28, 2011
    1. USS656
      Look forward to your continued posts on Coin Talk! It's a great place to learn. You are a very welcome addition to the Paper Money group as well as Security Engravers Group!

      Best Regards ~ Darryl
    2. green18
      Hi Zeplyn. While I'm not a "paper" guy I do have many friends on these boards that are, and I'll occasionally jump in to make a point, ask a question, or just be an "old' smart Alec. I'm flattered to think that you might deem me a "great guy" (wait till you get to know me...:)). I'm looking forward to getting more acquainted with you and feel free to "message" me any time my friend. :)

    3. krispy
      I've had many replies from members since sending out a notice about the group being active for 2011, so the spirit is alive for the SEG. You can take credit for keeping us together and we welcome anything you wish to ask about and present. Don't worry about how simple it may be. Members will jump in and share whatever they can to help or correct anything that's unclear or lend a hand if you need help with questions or tricky data.
    4. krispy
      I'm glad you have joined us. I think many members are glad you have helped breath life into the SEG group! Welcome!
    5. krispy
      Glad you liked the article. Seemed timely+hopefully helps you not feel overwhelmed by it all. Yes, the friend who sent me that note is also a paper collector+contributes to online forums. You'll meet a lot of great folks spread around the globe who come together on these/other forums. Helpful learned collectors will be there in whatever you end up pursuing for your collection. Many help one another when they can: w/ information, links or sending freebies. In the past week, I've received a counter stamped coin+a Souvenir Card from forum friends. I just sent someone a seated liberty dime because I saw a young collector who I respect+knew would appreciate the piece. I've won contests+held a few myself. Forum contests are great fun. Everybody likes to jump in when they pop up. There's so much rich history in numismatics to mine. Keep reading+investing your time in finding the best pieces you can, to build the nicest looking collection you can be proud of+the rest will fall in place.
    6. krispy
      In light of some recent posts we've shared on what to focus on within the district currency group or finding all the necessary terminology and information, I thought you might enjoy this article by Doug Winters, an expert and specialist in U.S. gold coins, who wrote about defining one's area of collecting/dealing.

      Why I Recommend Numismatic Specialization
    7. Bluesboy65
      Hi Zep, you're my first CT friend! I agree that the next few years will be interesting. Thanks for the friend request!
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