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Lower Hudson Valley
ex Sr. Specialist Automated Equipment Test Techn.

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lmc freak, from Lower Hudson Valley

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Feb 17, 2013
    1. saltysam-1
      If you don't mind I'll send them to you the early part of next week. I'm helping someone move tomorrow and I don't know how long it will take. Will definitely make sure you get them.
    2. saltysam-1
      It looks like I have found about 10 more fractional notes. I'll post once more. If you like, I could email additional photo's direct to you so your forum post doesn't end up being a private conversation between you and I. You want to encourage others to get a good sampling of knowledge. You may even want to wait a bit and see who else posts pictures so not to be duplicated.
    3. jello
      How far are you from Catskill NY I grew up there???
    4. LostDutchman
      I recently sold a coin for $10,000 or so. The auction house usually charges the seller 5% and the buyers 10% of the final hammer price. With expensive coins you have the bargaining chip. They are always looking for consignments and sometimes have trouble finding really nice coins. They will sometimes offer the cosigner (you, or your friend) a few percent over the final hammer price of the coin just to get you to put it in their auction. So say the coin hammers for $50,000 and you have negotiated 4% over hammer they would write you a check for $52,000 and that extra comes out of their portion of the profits.
    5. zekeguzz
      Billy I'm sure you know this method but try it anyway. Put your cent in a 2X2 using only three staples and drawa horizontal line perfectly , as possible, straight across the middle of the obverse of the cent. Carry that line over to the reverse side. With any luck at all the rotation should show up plainly whe you flip it over. The staples will prove that it was flipped 180 degrees. I used this method on my 1994 165 degree CCW lincoln cent before I had it slabbed. It came back MS61 redbrown.
    6. Billy Kingsley
      Billy Kingsley
      Not yet I have not, it's really minor...maybe 2 degrees at most. I am not really sure how I can image it and have it show. Maybe I will have to create a backdrop to show that the coin has not moved, just flipped over...or maybe a video would be the thing here to show that as I rotate it, Lincoln and the Memorial are not the same plain...I have to think about that!!
    7. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
      Thank you for thinking of me, but this is not something I'm asked for very often by my customers, so I will have to pass. Thank you again.
    8. BNB Analytics
      BNB Analytics
      No thanks.. :)
    9. bobbeth87
      Thanks....I'll let you know in a couple days with a PM...out of town for a couple of days.
    10. zekeguzz
      Me, I live in Poughkeepsie now for 4yrs. Previously it was Wappingers Falls since 1963. Are you in Saugerties or Catskill or Kingston,NY? glad to meet you.
    11. just coins
      just coins
      I live in the upper Hudson vally catskill Mountains area.
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    Lower Hudson Valley
    ex Sr. Specialist Automated Equipment Test Techn.


    Hey Woody, can't you read the sign? That goes for you too!