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Oct 6, 2011
Jul 4, 2008
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tight wad

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Oct 6, 2011
    1. kidromeo
      Hey TW,
      Nice to see you back at CT. I thought you left for good.
    2. Drusus
      1) Where did you find such treasurers?
      2) How does one get such clear photos?
      3) What must I do to get Obverse and Reverse
      photo to appear side by side?

      Most of those coins I posted were either bought on ebay after searches of coins from those nations, I will often go through coins on world coin gallery and see a coin I want, I will then look for them...some I bought at a coin show or on a place like Vcoins.com

      I shoot all my coins with no flash, in macro setting, with a light source, sometimes 2.

      I get them side by side by opening each photo (obverse and reverse) and cutting and pasting them both into the same file...I use photoshop.
    3. kidromeo
      Hey TW....Did you get my 2 PMs?
      Just wondering....
    4. kidromeo
    5. kidromeo
      Howz the online collection going?
    6. kidromeo
      I guess that means you got and read my PM...:D
    7. bart

      Sorry I didn't reply earlier:

      Your Bhutan 20 chetrums coin comes from Bhutan, a tiny Himalaya kingdom between India and China.
      Also: the Liberté Egalité fraternité coin comes from France: liberty, egality and brotherhood is the motto of the French Revolution, still used today.

      I hope this helps,
      If you have still some questions: you can contact me on my e-mail address: bart.perdieus@skynet.be

    8. kidromeo
      PS. I need you to give me the name of the author of the book you recommended.
    9. kidromeo
      The Catalog I recommended is published by Krause. There are several volumes by century. But I guess you did good. You don't need those expensive precise price guides unless you are up to selling or trading your coins.
      I see you got yourself a good MS Thai coin. My best friend works in Thailand and I get my regular dose of Thai coins, stamps and notes from him. I had another good day in my numismatic office today.LOL:D Got in mail a 30 world coin parcel from my German friend. Guess what I got. 12 Bi metallic coins including famous and rare Morocco coins, 5 Silver coins including 2 1/2 G The Netherlands crown size coin, a UNC Slovenia 2007 Euro set and others. I was lol-ling the whole day out of sheer maddness.:D I love my daily dose of world coins from my friends around the world.
      Regarding foreign language; I know a little German, French and Russian hies and hellos to communicate in foreign language forums I am part of and theres always an online translator when I can't.LOL. How much do you charge to teach "Texican":goofer:.
      I hope the Gods of world coin bless you with more cherry picking oppourtunities. Take care my friend:hug:.
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