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Apr 5, 2017
Jan 19, 2009
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Southern California
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The Penny Lady®

Coin Dealer, from Southern California

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Apr 5, 2017
    1. swagge1
      Mrs. Charmy, can you please tell me the name of the member whose table was next to yours at this year's FUN show? I had him take some pictures for me and another member has a question about his equipment.
    2. vlaha
      Hello! Are you going to be at the fall PNNA show?
    3. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
      Hunt, sorry about that - I deleted a bunch of my pms so it should be ok now.
    4. Hunt1
      Hey Charmy, your message quota is full. I tried to send you a message but i think you need to clear some or something
    5. djaeon
      Hi there Penny Lady. I just want to say thank you for posting your show reports. I really enjoy reading them!
    6. iGradeMS70
    7. DLeach
      Hi Charmy, what "Deal Shopping Mentality" thread was Billy Kingsley referring to from your message back in Octiber of 2009?
    8. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
      Gary, sounds like you've spent a lot of time in Havasu - it's a great place, that's for sure! We had a great time on Labor Day weekend, the weather was perfect for us. I'm headed to the PCGS Vegas show in two weeks (Wed/Thurs) - perhaps I'll run into you there! Charmy
    9. 10gary22
      Hey Charmy,

      When you mentioned Havasau, I thought I would let you know that I framed a bunch of the stores at the London Bridge as well as the "Queen's Bay Hotel" (It has probably changed names a bunch of times since we built it) looks kinda like a castle. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the water, Copper Cove, and the skiing a bunch ! Lunch at the London Pub ?

      I cannot express how much I enjoy your posts of the shows.

      Hope to catch you here in Vegas soon.

    10. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
      Thank you, I'm pleased that you enjoyed viewing my coins - just let me know when you find something you want!
    11. zach24
      Hi Charmy, I was looking at the coins on your website, and I could'nt help the drooling. Very nice coins you have there, I hope to be able to afford one someday.
    12. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
      Good for you Taylor - sounds like you've come a long way - keep it up!
    13. Taylor101
      I got some quarters and some proof nickels and I nearly finished my p+d jefferson nickels 1967-2011 set! I am still working on many sets like my wheat cents which is coming along nicely, my Indian head cents(which is on a low-grade streak and is on the back-burner right now), my Washington Quarters(which I got a lot of album fillers at the show), and my buffalo nickels(working on currently). I have so many sets that the only one I have finished is my Lincoln Cents from p+d mints! I am still upgrading though! :smile
      I have also some v-nickels(with I have hopped to make a common-date set), 2 mercury dimes, some large cents, and 1 flying eagle cent! I have very many incoplete sets...
    14. Taylor101
      Hi Charmy! I did not see you at the Alameda Coin Show!!!!!:(
      Where were you?
    15. Coinguy56
      Aloha from Hawaii Charmy! I have browsed your site many times and I have to say, you always have some of the nicest pennies around! I am sure to purchase something. One of the better Matte Proof Lincoln cent dealers I've seen.
    16. Hunt1
      Hi charmy, did you get my message about the 1943 cent?
    17. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
      Ice, thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed looking at them.
    18. ice
      I was looking at all the coins on your website I wish I had 20,000 to buy quite a few of them absolutely beautiful and your personal collectiong is really nice. Tim
    19. snaz
      I hate when people do what "Jello" just did. Bluntly trying to chum up sp you'll join the forum. Disappointing sir.
    20. agnivesh.misra
      i'm hvin a 1616 UKL east india company's copper coin of approx weight of 15gms showing queen elizabeth's head....z it genuine?????
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    Home Page:
    Southern California
    Coin Dealer
    I love copper cents and specialize in Flying Eagle, Indian, Lincoln and Early American Copper Cents

    coins, whitewater rafting, camping, offroading


    Charmy Harker - The Penny Lady®
    Member of: ANA, PNG, PCGS, NGC, Fly-In Club, EAC, CTCC, TAMS and President of WIN (Women In Numismatics)