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Jan 21, 2010
    1. kidromeo
      I got loads of swastika silver rounds. Its a common gift item in here. Every jeweler make their own design. Lots of variety in composition.
      And my site is good for networking only, I don't expect to make profit out of it but I'm open to make a site with my own domain and ads if I can get it for free.
    2. kidromeo
      Thats nice Temmy. You gotta tell me what you do for living and how you do it. You got way too much gold. LoL
    3. BigsWick
      Glad to have you on board! Welcome to a great forum!
    4. kidromeo
      Nope....I don't know anything about Tanjore arts but I've heard its name before. Can't say about its popularity either.
    5. kidromeo
      Corrected the link the way you wanted. Sorry still new at this; floated the site only at mid Jan and still haven't been able to complete all the pages the way I wanted. Probably gonna drag the beta tag till the end of march but who cares the site is only good for swap networking.:D
    6. kidromeo
      No probs buddy. My primary focus with respect to stamps are limited to India and US only. Although I do maintain a healthy collection of some other countries.
      Also India post don't provide any tracking facility for registered mails but dontcha worry it will get there within 2-3 weeks at max.
    7. kidromeo
      Linked your site :D
      Also inserted your name in my Good Swapper Directory.

      BTW would you mind correcting my name to 'Kid Romeo' and the description to 'Indian Coin And Stamp Collector' in your site.
    8. kidromeo
      Thanks man....I'll get your's out sometime later today.
    9. kidromeo
      I'm currently pursuing my masters in computer applications. The website thing is just to make collector networking to swap coins. As you can see I'm not very good at it. But yes you can call me a computer enthusiast.
      I became billiards champion owing to some loop hole in the game ;)
    10. kidromeo
      Got the PM.
      Hey Temmy checkout Coin Talk's Arcade
    11. kidromeo
      That won't be required. English is the 2nd official language here.
    12. kidromeo
      PM sent. :)
    13. kidromeo
      Hi Temmy,
      The coins look good.:)
      Here is my four.
      Lemme know what you think.
    14. Larry Moran
      Larry Moran
      Hi Temmy...

      I want to welcome you as a friend. Congratulations on being friend number three. : ) I have not been very active here but with ebay losing steam their discussion boards are thinning out and I needed some other outlets to view coins and share my images.

      Let me know what types of coins interest you. My favorites are U.S. large cents and Civil War Tokens, though I do collect other coins, my interest in world coins is not as great, but I do pick up the occasional world coin for what you would more likely call an accumulation as opposed to a collection.

      I bought an 1816 King George III half crown in AU condition late in 2008 and a prooflike 1857 Bank of Upper Canada one penny coin which is a large piece. I have estimated its grade at MS-64 BN, Prooflike.

      I am very interested in taking photos of coins and will post more here as time goes by.

      Thanks for the invite to become friends. : )

      - Larry Moran, Chicago IL U.S.A.
    15. kidromeo
      Hey Temmy.:hail: Yup, thats me in the stamp exhibition. Thanks for linking me; I'll link you back when I set everything in my site in order. And no I still haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire. Actually I prefer watching movies at home and so gotta wait till its DVD comes out. BTW I love sandra dewi.:D
    16. kidromeo
      Sound good to me. I collect coins by type. We can do 1:1 exchange. However I need you to read my exchange rules here:
      Let me know and we can work things out.
    17. kidromeo
      Hi Temmy. I see you are from Indonesia. One of my cousins worked there for a few months before moving into Thailand. Too bad he didn't knew that I collected coins and I got only 2 Indonesian coins from his change.
    18. Luis
      Thanks, but it's not an iguana, it's a chinese water dragon :)
    19. cherylkubucko
      I am here and out, Have alot on my plate hope I can stay on for a whole. Cheryl
    20. raider34
      My major is Criminal Justice. I still collect some baseball cards, but mainly just autographed baseballs now.
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