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Beautiful Kansas
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Mar 24, 2013
    1. smokeyblizzard
    2. FrankPlantagenet
      Hello Tess, Could you private message me your email address again!!

      I have since changed my email
    3. cpb614
      Your Welcome...
    4. sunflower
      Nice reading about your collecting interests. I will keep my eyes open for "12". I like the modern era also. Early comm are especially nice - the gold ones, but not in my budget level. I started with the First Spouses, but my wallet could not keep up with it. If I ever win the lottery I will be getting caught up on them. I like Military Payment Certificates. I have Series 481. Not all high grades. I hope to get the Korean issues together at some point. I like junk silver also. I collect clad JFKs in circulated condition also. Enjoy, thanks for summary. Fun to read.
    5. SteveInTampa
      Hi Sunflower,

      I started out collecting one dollar, modern-era (1963 through present) STAR notes, but now collect many different things.........WWII Emergency notes, $2,$5,$10,$20,$50, and $100 STAR notes, 4-subject sheets, error notes, notes ending in serial #12, and on & on.
    6. SNDMN59
      Thank you I have had it 6 years now , as a hobby to keep me busy since I cant work anymore

      It is a great past time meeting new people
    7. coinhead63
      Thanks for the message even though it was inadvertant that you stopped by.
    8. mpcusa
      Hi Tess,

      Did you check out my new arrival? Series 611 $5 it,s on Ct :)
      Tell me what you think!

      Thanks, Rusty
    9. daycrow2000
      hello i am new at this and i wanted to post something. i do not see where it will let me i went to the FAQ and that was no help. would you beable to help?
    10. sunflower
      I shall nick name you the tenaious coin collector. Good luck with the forum. I am still learning too.
    11. Leviathan
      Thank you... Maybe I am sad, but when someone comes up with an unknown coin, I take an initial stab at it, then start investigating.. to me it is one of the most brilliant things about our hobby... and of course it feeds my thirst for knowledge lol.
      I am a bit of a forum virgin, so I am still finding my way around here.. but I hve to say, this is one of the better forums I have visited.
    12. sunflower
      ...I like your question about "what to invest in." This is a good time to think about that. When I was your age I was in a simple savings account. That turned out to be a good enough move, because interest rates when quite high in the early 1980's and I was able to get a good yield on certificate of deposits. ---Think about the tools. Good luck with school.
    13. FrankPlantagenet
    14. Ladybug
      Thank you so much for your concern sunflower, I'm starting to get the hang of it.
    15. whmoss
      Maybe you can tell me how to use this site. I can't seem to join any groups or learn how to post threads. I live in Lawrence, so we are fairly close. Go Jawhawks!

      Thanks for the note and have a blessed day,
      Bill Moss
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    Beautiful Kansas
    None currently - Married to a great fellow that to
    I am new to collecting MPCs. I like all sorts of US coinage. Currently into circulated nickels.

    I love listening to live music - acquistic instruments are wonderful - but drums are on top. I enjoy many creative endeavors in the world of art.