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Jan 7, 2018
Aug 5, 2008
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lake county ca.

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Coin Collector, from lake county ca.

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Jan 7, 2018
    1. milkman
      oh oh
    2. rockdude
      Well thanks. Your location says Bluegrass and that brings to mind Kentucky, how close am I? Most my relatives live in and around Bowling Green.
    3. DoK U Mint
      DoK U Mint
      Greetings and salutations. Just read your thread extension on error photos & it looks like you need to add PHOTOGRAPHY to your interest list! When time allows I hope to muck up some new light catching experiments and post then, for better or for worst. Looked at your Bio and it made me laugh.

      I bet you know where Baker, CA is. You may even have Golfed to Barstow. It made me laugh.
    4. punicater
      Who the hell is Joe I'm Zectar
    5. punicater
      Hi Rockdude it's punicater
      paul Punicater
    6. jello
      Rock I do not know what to think of u,but bragging about be a snitch did not put you on my A list
    7. jello
      You have it hit an all time low!!!! the New Brunswick toke has been in my family 3 generations. I am the 3th
    8. rockdude
      I like anything to do with jazz and the walking liberty half.
    9. bebop
      What kind of coins do ypu like Rockdude ?
    10. bebop
      thank yu rockdude for showing me how to put the images on the site go to my post and tell me what kind of type that is 1964 silver quarter i don't know what type it is thanks aagin
    11. bebop
      I reside in Palm springs. thank you so much for the interest this is a great forum . How do i post a pic on the forum i want to put a coin up were do i go to do this thank you
    12. gmendoza
      do u know how much is a elizabeth 2 d.g. regina coin worth
    13. tak-it-ez
    14. loosechange
      i noticed you in my email. i am new and i dont quite understand this yet... I have a 1888 Indian Head 8/7 what is it worth and who buys them? thank you
    15. coins are us
      coins are us
      The picture in my Abatar is a picture of me when i was young is that the reason you sent me that thing about which i don;t understand I thing tha's very bad for you do send me something like that when i'm a new member trying to learn here about my love for coins don't make sense for you to do it sir.
    16. coins are us
      coins are us
      I apreciate all you felp Fockdude thank you so much for trying so hard with the 1922 peace dollr Thanks again my beind

    17. coins are us
      coins are us
      I live in Washington DC I have a store there a coin store and it's called Coins are Us.
      My address is 17 Monclay street Washington DC and that's were the store is located/ My bussiness has not been doing good lately.

      Thanks for being so friendly When you are in the area come in my store i will give you a free coin a kennedy half proof 2009. I have plenty of them.

      Nice meeting you Rockfude.
    18. penidave
      hey, i really appreciate your opinion on the coins i have questions about, could you maybe tell me what kind of error this is? thanks so much..:)
    19. jello
      Rock I understand you wanting name but that would make things worst.
    20. bomber464
      I'm a newbie, like I stated early on and am looking to find an error coin or 3 to finance my love for Morgans and roll searching. What were we supposed to chat about? how bout what to use to magnify a coin to find these errors everyone else has found? I have a 10X17mm loupe and also a loupe I used for viewing slides and negatives. No idea what power that is. I'm a bit disappointed that the die cracks and chip I have found on LP1, 2 & 3s don't have that big a market. I have seen some in auctions on ebay, but not sure the cost to ebay warrants doing the auction thing.

      The die chips & cracks I've found on the LP3 Phillys are not too obvious on the obverse but on the reverse it is and always in the same place - due East thru the "A" in America. I think I've noticed a possible ddr at the top of the 2nd column from Lincoln's body. 2nd of 5 columns. Getting a good close up picture of what I see/find is next to impossible. I'll keep trying, tho!
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    lake county ca.

    coins, golf, riding my harley, traveling and camping in the desert


    “Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid.”
    John Wayne