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Jun 13, 2024 at 7:07 PM
Dec 19, 2012
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Rick Stachowski

Motor City Car Capital, Male

sorry everybody, I don't go to my profile page much Feb 11, 2014

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Viewing thread Post your favorite purchase(s) of the Year., Jun 13, 2024 at 7:07 PM
    1. Itiswhatitis
      Hi Rick
      I was told that you can help me out on a few coins i have?
    2. Barbermania
      How can I send you this pic as you requested without posting it for everyone
    3. keemao
      Rick, where do you live that you are finding all these Blue Ridge quarters? I keep asking my bank and they haven't seen any.
      1. Rick Stachowski
        Rick Stachowski
        I live in Michigan and Walgreen was full of them yesterday too . I have about 40 of them now ..
        Jul 17, 2015
      2. keemao
        Interesting. I can't seem to find them here in NC and this is where they came out. I'll try the credit union Monday as they used to get rolls of the new quarters years ago. Maybe they have some. My Wells Fargo hasn't seen them yet. Really sucks.
        Jul 18, 2015
    4. rzage
      Thanks for the laugh today !!!!! :)
    5. jello
      Hex I forgot we had them Richard.
      1. Rick Stachowski likes this.
    6. Rick Stachowski
      Rick Stachowski
      sorry everybody, I don't go to my profile page much
    7. jookey2003
      Strange that someone owning a phone that retails at about the cost I would hope it makes me breakfast in the morning or teleport, would ask such a question...
      1. Rick Stachowski likes this.
    8. jello
      Hey you should try Flipping Houses? that Wood work on 10c 2013-P clash thread looks good!!! Ck out Funding at one the .org sites you may strike gold?
      1. Rick Stachowski likes this.
    9. bikerbob195
      I send pic's to my E-Mail then place them in a folder. I thenhave a place to upload from...this is from a person that dose not have a I-Phone
      1. Rick Stachowski likes this.
    10. bridgelanc1
      I want to upload my coin photos to the site from my IPhone. Could you or someone tell me how to do that? Thanks
      1. Barbermania likes this.
      2. jookey2003
        If you haven't figured out how..... I have an adroid but when I go to this site, I use an app on my phone called "tapatalk" From there you can upload your Iphone away.
        Feb 11, 2014
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