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Apr 10, 2020 at 2:38 AM
Sep 1, 2002
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October 28
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New England
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Peter T Davis

Hammer at the Ready, Male, from New England


Happy Birthday Peter T Davis, According to our records today is your birthday. Many Happy Returns of the Day! Oct 27, 2019

Peter T Davis was last seen:
Apr 10, 2020 at 2:38 AM
    1. minerman16
    2. davey1
      Hi Peter could you tell me how to post. I have a question about a 1940 penny that I found that looks like a shadow of president Lincoln. I've looked at a few other penny's and did not see the same thing on the others. Please let me know so I could post pictures. Thank you
    3. jello
      Thank Peter!!!
      */* I fell like this like was a honor!!!
      I hope everything get fixed your the winner in the copyright issue !
    4. piesquared
      Hi and thanks for the welcome.

      I have been collecting coins since I was a kid, and have found renewed interest in the hobby after I turned 40.

      My collection is modest at best.

      I joined this site as I have used it as a reference for quite a while now, to assist me in identifying key dates, errors, authentic coins vs fakes, etc.

      Some questions I have are not in the forums, so i joined so I could post my own questions, and get answers from people who know more than I do. Hopefully, some of the questions I have are also ones other have as well.
    5. Always looking
      Always looking
      Hi Peter. Thank you for your warm welcome. I'm a complete novice and don't know where to start. I came across your site by accident and am very impressed. Basically following the recent family bereavement we have inherited a lot of very old coins, stamps and First World War items. There are lots and lots of coins which I'm sure would be of interest to collectors. I can put up some pics with your permission. Alternatively I would be grateful for any advice or signposting as I really don't know where to start. Thanks
    6. MintyFresh
      Hello Peter,

      CAn you kill a post and allow me to repost?

      I accidently hosed an ad (f or some 1958 proofs and from what I am reading in my private messages I have confused the heck out of my audience.

      I need to either edit the post or relist, as soon as possible.

      Can you help?

    7. Hunt1
      Peter, have you looked at the AVG virus thread relating to CT?
    8. uscgro
      Good evening,

      We found a 1976 Penny that is Blank on the backside. Doesn it have any worth?
      Thank you,
      Larry Connell
    9. sniperjones
      its horrible. change the background bud
    10. coin bandit
      coin bandit
    11. Unique
      Hey peter thank you for the message you sent me
    12. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      I'd like one too, but I don't want to pimp for Kitco. Do you know of any unbranded ones or how to code one?
    13. coppermania
      Hi Peter,
      I was thinking how nice it would be top have a metals ticker someplace on the heading running at all times. Just find miself going from this site to others for the information.
      Thanks, Love the CoinTalk site!, Matt
    14. Detecto92
      Sent you a pm last night.
    15. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Sometimes having me visit your page is not a good thing.
    16. protovdo
      Last visitor to my page: Peter T Davis.

      I'm flattered Pete. At least buy me a drink first.
    17. The Penny Lady®
      The Penny Lady®
    18. Detecto92
      Just wanted to say thanks for getting my account working again!
    19. william flick
      william flick
      there seems to be allot of talk that in 2006 the mint only made 400,000 unc silver eagles total, with 20 dif versions of that coin to make a 20 coin subset with only 20,000 sets minted for the 20th annivery. does anyone have any info. on this
    20. william flick
      william flick
      I have been hearing allot about a 20 version subset in the 2006w silver eagle. With a total mintage of 400,000 coins minted. and a total of 20,000 of these sets minted for the 20th silver eagle year. Is there any information from the mint on this set. thanks
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