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    1. Drawde
      Hi, my update for the 200. 6 B* R/3 is ready. Can we exchange data again?
      Drawde also Dollarsavr
    2. Dollarsavr
      Numbers Sir I would like to share our list of the 2006 B-* run 3 serial numbers with you. You have posted 41 to the thread that I was watching. I do not know how to reach you with this info.
      Dollarsavr @ aol . com
    3. Searcher64
      I know that on the 2006 $20.00 notes from DC, that they have two different size numbers on the obv. The 2009 series also has the same.
      Has a name come up to what they will be called? Like "Mules" as like others with different size fonts numbers of other series. Just wondering. (:-O)
    4. Searcher64
      What do you know about the values of the 2006 type of currency series?
      Also, I have received several 2009 series that have the same obv size numbers.
      ??? (:-O)
    5. krispy
      NUMBERS: I've got a question that's mystifying me on an Fr-1911H FRN in a new CGA holder that I found listed in eBay. Would love your insight/help if you can shed any light on this note. Thanks in advance.

      PS: You can send me PMs if you accept my Friendship request that's still pending. :smile
    6. Searcher64
      What do you know about crossover series? I have a set of twenties from F6. The first 6 are the 1934 series, the next 4 are 1934B series. The serial number are consecutive, and all are unc. Most changeover that I have read about are like 1934, to 1934A, or 1928 to 1928A and so forth.(:-O)
    7. RickieB
      Numbers, perhaps you may know this answer! When the BEP offers notes with Low SN#s and the notes are 3 digit and higher, what has happened to the 2 and 1 digit notes from that perspective run? Looking up the data I see that the notes started with X00000001X
      So what do they do? Or should I assume that players higher up the ladder get the really low number notes!!


    8. urbanchemist
      from the list you had a link posted to these are the notes i found. one of them i posted with a pic in my first response to you.

      1950 A $5
      G011 G 036 00001 * - G 038 80000 * G 036 64858
      G017 G 057 60001 * - G 060 40000 * G 058 17624

      1950 B $5
      G032 G 111 60001 * - G 114 40000 * G 114 11646

      1950 D $10
      G077 G 273 60001 * - G 276 40000 * G 274 30490
    9. urbanchemist
      numbers, hows it going this is urbanchemist. how would i go reporting to that star note survey. i noticed from just looking at the 1950 D $10 star. i have a note that is note been discovered on that survey.
      G077 G 273 60001 * - G 276 40000 * --


      i am sure if i had access to the full list of all small sized federal notes list i could find others that i have. anyways just let me know how i can contribute.

      jason m
    10. sandpquan
      Hi Numbers,
      "Gatzdon" said you might know how the BEP works. I have a post in the PAPER MONEY forum asking "Is this counterfeit?". We've determined that the $5 bill is real but when did the running ink occur? During production or after? Thanks in advance for your opinion! Sandpquan
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