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Jan 22, 2022
    1. Collect89
      Hello Mac266,
      My name is Dan & I didn't see your message until today. The coin is a no date double struck nickel with die struck reverse (DSR) This means that the second strike was unobstructed so that both the obverse & the reverse are on the second strike. I purchased the coin while at the FUN show about 4 years ago. It was available in an auction & I won it. I also have a no-date off center Liberty nickel which makes a great companion piece to the double struck coin. Both are graded MS64 by NGC. I got the off center piece from Rich Schemmer. I highly recommend Jim's Coins & stamps in Madison Wisconsin for error coins. We have a mail bid each month and there are some fanatastic items for sale each month. If you do a search on CT for the word "dremel tool" you will see some of my favorite error coin sets in the thread.
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