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Feb 27, 1982 (Age: 39)
Saint Louis, MO
PhD student

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Oct 1, 2021
    1. Peter T Davis
      Peter T Davis
      Happy Birthday Luis,

      According to our records today is your birthday.

      Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    2. kidromeo
      No problems either coz i don't need any of the Portuguese or US coins from your list.
      Yup, had a look at your list and there are lots of coins that I want..BTW I was expecting lots of commemorative 200 Escudos in your list but there were none. Why?? Weren't they in circulation?
    3. kidromeo
      Hey there buddy. Unfortunately I'm feeling very lazy to sort out all the hoarded coins and finish my swap list. I hope you are in no hurry; just a week more :D .
    4. Benas
      Hello Luis,
      please send your doubles coins list.
    5. kidromeo
      Hey thanks for the link. I was referring to the 2008 Olympics 2.5 Euro coin. Its the only one listed in my Krause and so I am unaware of any other coin of this denomination. Just trying to get single examples of low value unusual Euro denominations as I am not much keen collector of Euros. My recently acquired Slovenia 3 Euro was a ripper at $18.
    6. kidromeo
      Cool. See you around. Don't see you post much these days.
      The Portuguese 2.5 Euro coin is getting hard to locate. I googled for it but still found no picture. You know any resource.
    7. kidromeo
      Hey buddy. Wats new?
    8. Armijo
      Hello Luis,

      Actually there are 4 kinds of coins in the state series:

      1) Circulation $100 pesos bimetallic outer ring bronze, 0.925 sterling silver centre. Satin finish.
      2) Circulation $100 pesos bimetallic outer ring bronze, 0.925 sterling silver centre. Proof finish.
      3) Collector issue $10 pesos all 0.999 pure silver (1 troy ounce). Proof finish.
      4) Collector issue $100 pesos bimetallic outer ring 0.999 silver, and 0.999 pure gold centre. Proof finish.

      For each state there's 4 coins.

      4 coins times 32 states times 2 phases equals 256 coins (the complete program). it would cost about 30,000 us dollars.

      if you were to collect only the circulation coins (like me) you would have 64 coins.:D it would cost about 426 us dollars.

      The circulation proofs are really hard to get.

      The question was because I was thinking of opening an E-bay account to buy coins...and was a little worried about the handling of coins.

      any advice?:smile
    9. Armijo
      Wow! Don’t you have an eye for beautiful coins? :D

      The 8 reales from the second republic is one of the most emblematic coins of Mexico. The liberty coin. Once I saw a date collection complete. It belongs to a fellow from my coin club, it took him 50 years to complete it and he said it was worth about 150,000 pesos…about 10,000 dollars. All the coins were in XF-AU condition. AMAZING!!! :bigeyes:

      About the state series it’s divided in two phases. The first they issued the coins with each state’s coat of arms starting from Z-A and then continued with a representative feature of the state, these were issued from A-Z. I have the first phase complete and I’m only missing the last 4 of the second.

      How do you receive (packing) the coins if you buy them e-bay? :confused:
    10. Armijo
      Hey Luis!

      Sorry but yesterday was just hectic...I kept the page open but coudn't look at it...

      Those are really nice coins, specially the 25 pesos. I used to have one but it got lost. Are you interested in a particular mexican coin? The statehood series are 0.925 silver but they are bimetallic...I have some doubles, this weekend I'll work on my doubles list. Where is your collection?
    11. Armijo
      Take your time...

      I'll work on a doubles list to let you know what I have so you can see if something interests you....

      Take care...
    12. Daggarjon
      Thank you very much Luis :) I greatly appreciate it. Please do let me know if you ever find something 'wrong' ... like spelling, bad links ..and since you are from portugal (i think anyway lol) let me know, if when i do get my Portugal coins posted, if anything i post is wrong :)
    13. snaz
      Thanks Luis! I am quite fond of the toning on most of them.
    14. kidromeo
      Yeah I sorta want the 1898 200 Reis but the 1000 Reis would be too much expensive for my humble
      Anyway GTG, see ya around. :)
    15. kidromeo
      Duh?? Were there any Escudos minted in 1914 ?
      And why on earth the 1998 commemoratives are so highly sought. Don't the 200 Escudo coins see any circulation?
    16. kidromeo
      Same here. Can't wait till Christmas.:D

      For some reasons unknown to me, I absolutely hate proof coins. People find it strange but I guess they are too shiny for my eyes.:goof:
      I think getting old silver coins is much cooler than modern ones. A few months ago I picked up a 1898 Portuguese 500 Reis commemorating 400 years of India's discovery. It was my favorite silver coin, until recently I got 1920 US Standing Liberty Quarter. So whatever you do, you gotta get me all commemorative Portuguese coins of 1998.:rolling:
      Well best of luck with your Venezuelan 5 Bolivar collection and Keep in touch.:)
    17. kidromeo
      I'm not too picky about grades, after all non UNC means cheaper. But you are right, recent coins are desirable in MS grades but I'll take them anytime even in AU.
      My collection is focused mostly on circulation coins from 20th Century but as always I have little control over myself and frequently get coins from both 19th and 21st century. The only stuff that I don't collect are ancients, medievals and Proof coins.

      I like silver coins too, especially the crown sized ones.
      I hope by American silver dollars you are not meaning ASEs coz their 'legal tender or coin' status is arguable. I love US commemorative coins. I'll shift my focus on them after finishing modern US circulation type set first.:)
    18. kidromeo
      I'm now doing my masters and still live on
      Partly a reason why I turned to swapping rather than purchasing coins. I recently got broke finishing my 1950 to date Indian Type set. This means my collection won't see any new coin purchase for a long time except for the coins I'll swap.:headbang:
      Me too never kept doubles until last year when I resorted to international swapping. I mainly collect coins by type but I'm open to collecting Portuguese coins by year if you too want Indian coins by year. We can both build each other year sets of each others country. Also swapping non-Portuguese coins is not a problem as I collect almost anything I can lay my hands on.:)
    19. kidromeo
      Hi Luis. Got your message buddy. It will be great if we can swap some coins as you see I got only two coins in my collection from Portugal. I can wait till Christmas. Thanks and Take care.
    20. temmy24k
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    Feb 27, 1982 (Age: 39)
    Saint Louis, MO
    PhD student
    I was born and raised in Portugal. I have a BSc and a MSc in Psychology. I am now pursuing a PhD degree in the States. I study animal behavior.



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