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Mar 18, 2014
Nov 9, 2005
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Just Carl


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Mar 18, 2014
    1. green18
      What the devil happened to you old friend? I miss your commentary most immensely.
    2. DoK U Mint
      DoK U Mint
      JC~Thank you for the acceptance.
      Now I need your help. (What are friends for?)
      Please understand because I sure don't, but I decided to start a contest.

      I tried to look up the rules.
      But help me with the gist, starting with this thread.

      I would like the best ideas from this inherited mess to make it to the best Next owner.

      Are you on board?

    3. DoK U Mint
      DoK U Mint
      How did you learn all this "stuff"?
    4. DoK U Mint
      DoK U Mint
      You make me laugh! And that is a good thing.
      Keep up your good work.
    5. trussxx

      I have just restarted collecting mercury dimes and over the last year accumalated about 100 a small cry from the massive collection you have I am impressed. I have three that show double die (1945 S micro the date is double) (1920 S with double 192) and a (1935 with double date 1935) If you interested in seening they I can send you photos.
    6. rzage
      Carl , I remember Riverview fondly , though I was only there 2x , coming from Cicero I mostly went to Kiddieland in Melrose Park , oh those were the times , rides for 10cents , and that Parachute ride at Riverview .
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