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    1. sunflower
      Thanks for the 'friend' invite. Hope your meeting went well. Maybe more will develop from it. Right now, instead of keeping emergency green backs in the house. For example, instead of 5 twenties, or 10-Tens, or 100 Lincolns; I am not holding on to $10 rolls of Clad JFKs. The crazy grocery store will not take rolled coins. They won't even take the rolls that are professionally done and crimped closed at the end. That was a real awakening. I had to unroll them. One time when short of funds I went out with a roll of Presidential dollars in Mint rolls. That is $25 face and I had to unroll and count it out. Pretty interesting. I know I should not let myself get that short of cash, but it has been a reoccuring theme the last few years. Oh well, the point is, that I like the coins. Have fun on CT
    2. zach24
      Thank you for your help!!!
    3. bennyjay
      Thank you for the info I've got to learn from people like you that have already been through all of this.I think I'm going to buy a roll of dimes & a roll of half dollars tomorrow.I'll let you know how it turns out.
    4. bennyjay
      Thank you for the help,I saw one on ebay,that someone was trying to sell for$ 20.00.I think your correct though,because I can't find the value anywhere.Please tell me the best place to buy rolls of coins,with a chance of finding coins of value in them.I've been buying them at my bank,I've come out alright but I think all most all of the rolls had been already searched,by someone that knew what to look for.
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