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Sep 26, 2016
    1. rzage
      Hey Irish , Que pasa buddy .
    2. rzage
      Great ! But after these next couple , I think rlm is stopping till after Christmas .
    3. rzage
      Hey buddy , we've been missing you at rlms guess the grade , hope everything is ok .
    4. rzage
      Forgot to congradulate you for last contest . I'm starting to think the tpgs must be more consistent than I thought . .07 unbelievable .
    5. rzage
      0.154 unbelievable , what's that come to missing by 1 point every 5 or 6 coins . Saturdays are going to be tough . Congrats Bob .
    6. rzage
      I'll take #2 any day . lol
    7. rzage
      a few months , I think you'll do better than me as you're more analytical , where I'd give the extra point , you reason it out . here's to a long run .
    8. rzage
      T know what you mean , I was in 1st 3 times , the 1st 2 very briefly , but around
    9. rzage
      Congrats on such a low average in rlms contest , I think you will have 1st place locked for quite awhile .
    10. coinguy-matthew
      I posted that that toned Ike Dollar in the Post your Ikes thread today!!!!
    11. rzage
      I agree , some of these coins are tough , like when NGC called that one a 67 , heck it had carbon marks all over it . But live and learn .
    12. rzage
      Looks like we both went 1 pt. low on rlms Lincolns . Well it could of been worse , like I did last week . Missed one by 2 and the other bt 1 . LOL Those were some tough coins though .
    13. coinguy-matthew
      Absolutely love the avatar :thumb:
    14. AgentX
      I don't collect Ike's. I put together a set of the nicer ones to keep for myself and may hang onto a few for "tooth fairy" coins. The only ones I look for are silver and 73's, my eyes are to bad to see the Type 2's so I generally don't search for them.

      Make me a fair off, I'd like to get rid of them without the hassle of Ebay or Craigslist.
    15. AgentX

      Wanted to give you a heads up that I'm changing my dump locations around a bit. I'm going to start dumping at RBC now. I'm having way to many good finds at BB&T branches to keep polluting them with my dumps.

      I remember awhile back you mentioned on the board you like Ike's. I've picked up around 200 over the past month or so if your interested. Wanted to give you first crack before I put them on Craigslist or Feebay.
    16. kydedhed
      walter here
      i really have no interest in keeping this silver five.
      although it would be really awesome to have a liberty quarter with some date, providing it doesn't take a vengar bath
      and providing that you would like to have it we should talk some more
    17. kydedhed
      ya still up for a trade?
    18. coinswithsmiles
      I like your signature, its just so true.
    19. AgentX
      The color of the roll changes. I used to get yellow and white from Garda but the last couple of boxes I got from them they were black and white. I haven't been able to find anyone who can get bags of Ike's . The large banks usually have to go through a regional clearing house and they have to order "dollar" coins. They can't specify what type. I've even pointed tellers at my bank to the Federal Reserve sight to show them that they can still be ordered with no luck.

      I've heard that some Bank of America branches will order them but I haven't tried one out yet. Outside of that, your best bet is a small town bank. If I find one I'll let you know.
    20. Irish2Ice
      That's a great help! Do the different providers have different color rolls?
      The last box I received from BB&T in South Carolina was white and brown, but
      last from RBC was white and yellow. I also hat those clear rolls of smaller change.

      Also, do you know of any banks that will still order Ike's? I love Ike's, but getting searched
      Ike's off E-bay for $1.25-$1.50 sucks.
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