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    I found another CBH I like. What do y'all think? I haven't figured out the Overton yet. I would appreciate a little help. It looks like...

    Screenshot_3.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg Nov 23, 2022 at 9:00 AM
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to my almost 58,000th like celebration thread! [ATTACH] I need 1 more like. Let's see who will it be to have the...

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    Quick run into the drugstore and my purchase is $20.02. I hand the young lady $21.00 and she says, I’ll get the two cents from my penny...

    Nov 20, 2022
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    How would anyone know this? You didn't post a picture of the obverse, or reverse. You only zoomed in on the date, which looks blurred.

    Nov 20, 2022
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    Better pictures?to me that just looks like it was caused by a really bad focused picture to appear like doubling and nothing to do with...

    Nov 20, 2022