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Nov 2, 2002
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May 14, 1953 (Age: 69)

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Numismatist, Male, 69, from FL


Nobody can post replies in the ad sections. Read the sticky thread at the top of each ad section. Dec 18, 2019

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Jan 29, 2023 at 9:40 AM
    1. MintyFresh
      I have been away for a while. I can't figure out how to post a new post in a forum. I have a couple of thoughts for the community and some coins I would like to sell.

      I see that there is a membership level, do I need to purchase a membership in order to post and sell? I would enjoy members' comments and feedback?

      Your help is most appreciated.
    2. Jersey magic man
      Jersey magic man
      For some unknown reason I have stopped receiving emails of new posts. For a time I was getting two emails, now I am getting none. Is this something you can fix?
    3. zeldon2
      What does " insufficient privileges to reply here" mean?
      1. GDJMSP
        One of two things, either you're trying to post a reply in a closed thread, or trying to post a response to an ad - and nobody can post a reply to an ad.
        Jul 27, 2022
    4. Kaleun96
      1. GDJMSP
        CT policy is the staff will not discuss matters of this nature with other members.
        Aug 31, 2021
      2. Kaleun96
        That's no problem, can you reach out to the user somehow? I don't know if they have any options to message staff directly and I don't believe they were informed of the reason for their ban.
        Aug 31, 2021
    5. desertgem
      Doug, I was asked what a member gets for the several different levels of 'supporter" and I have search for it on site and can't find it. They were interested in the B/S/T forums and are not yet a member of our forum. Is there a information section ? I can't find one. Lord M sort of answered another question on this, but seemed unsure of some of the privileges . I will keep searching . Jim
      1. GDJMSP
        Aug 4, 2021
    6. Nyatii
      Good Afternoon. I keep receiving emails alerting me to posts on threads I've read, however, they are old emails that have happened days before and have been sent to me several times already. I just received two more today from posts that I read Wednesday and Thursday. These all started about the time the site started receiving multiple spam posts.
    7. woodpine
      where and whom do I send money to support coin talk. woodpine
    8. Mernskeeter
      I write because I can't understand for the life of me why I hadn't received any feedback from a recent post.Then it hit me.Was it because I spoke of my travels recently?Then I told myself that couldn't be true. Could it?
    9. ToppCatt
      Why has my reception of coin talk messages been discontinued some months ago? I get occasional messages regarding an entry I commented on quite some.

      Second request. ToppCatt
    10. GSDykes
      I accidentally posted an image which shows my address. How can I alter it, or remove it??
      It is here,
      "I just couldn't do it"

    11. GDJMSP
      Nobody can post replies in the ad sections. Read the sticky thread at the top of each ad section.
    12. coin dog
      coin dog
      Greetings Doug,

      Request permission to have reply access to the For Sale Forum.

      Please advise.

      Thank you very much!

      coin dog
    13. Jimm
      Hi Doug, jimm here. Ya think by now I would know how to post coins but I keep forgetting . Help. Tnks
      1. Michael Douglas likes this.
    14. steven bagliore
      steven bagliore
      doug hi need ur help plz!im getting into proof gold eagles cert ms70 4coin set compaired to same 4coin set uncertified which is the better value for collecting &resale(by my children)
    15. John baker
      John baker

      How come I’m still have no privileges to trade, sell and other stuff? I’ve been on here for a while now. Thanks
    16. GDJMSP
      GDJMSP is my real name - those are my initials. But, everybody just calls me Doug ;-)
    17. Doc J
      Doc J
      What is your real name?
    18. thomas mozzillo
      thomas mozzillo
      I would greatly appreciate it if you would delete my last thread about the 2019 W Liberty Gold coin. I just noticed that the same was already started by @Santinidollar . Thank you
    19. ffrickey
      I have just changed my ISP and accordingly have updated my email address in cointalk. However, the emails are still coming to my old address: xxx, instead of the new one: xxx How can I get this corrected? Hope you can help or forward this query to whoever can.
    20. Nyatii
      Good afternoon. I'm almost embarrassed to ask this, however, how do you bookmark a thread? Are others using the word bookmark to mean watch a thread? I've made stabs at finding out, and can't see anywhere that it says bookmark. You'd think after I've been here this long I would have figured it out.
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    May 14, 1953 (Age: 69)
    A collector since 1960 and one who has learned just how much there is yet to learn.

    World gold coinage.


    knowledge ..... share it
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